Therapy at Discovery Connections is specifically tailored to students who are treatment resistive, non-violent, and require a smaller, more personalized treatment milieu. Time and personal attention are the Discovery Connections difference. With room for only 12 students, our treatment model is built on community, confidence and character development. We combine emotional growth with life skills.

Our relationship model helps students connect with their peers, mentors and community in a positive way. The Five Governing Principles help us create a principle-centered community where students comply with program rules because they choose to, not because they are forced to.  This internal locus of control allows the student to develop strategies for successful interactions in every aspect of his life.

Therapy is not limited to formal, office settings. At Discovery Connections, therapy also occurs in the kitchen, on the ropes course, and in the classroom. Clinicians meet weekly with residential mentors and academic instructors to coordinator each student’s progress. This cooperative approach extends the impact of each therapy session. Students can practice positive life skills in “real time” as they work together in residential living, participate in academic experientials, and take part in therapy groups.

Explore our website, or, if you prefer, call an admissions counselor at 801.800.8033 for more information on how Discovery Connections can help your troubled teen.