Parent Participation

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Weekly Family Therapy
Parent Portal


Parent involvement is a critical part of a successful Discovery Connections experience. There are three ways parents are expected to participate in their child’s treatment.

First, the interactive, Internet-based Parent Portal allows parents to be an active part of the treatment team. Through this secure portal, parents can read and comment on clinical notes, as well as provide feedback and insights of their own. This information, together with clinician feedback, academic input, and residential observations, help determine whether the student is appropriate for level advancements. Parents are encouraged to participate in bi-weekly treatment team reviews of their child’s progress through the use of this Internet tool as well.

Secondly, structured telephone sessions conducted by a therapist help repair relationships and foster family communication. These family therapy sessions happen at least once a week at a time that best suits the parent’s schedule.

Finally, parents are expected to complete therapy assignments that coincide with work their student is completing. These written assignments and selected readings help parents become active members of the clinical team. They are often a good indicator of the parents’ commitment to treatment progress.

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