Our Career Connections program helps students identify their strengths and interests and discover their potential. Rather than dictate where a student should work or what career they should pursue, the Career Connections program is based on building each student’s interests and abilities.

Career Connections training offers testing, hands-on training, and experience in the student’s field of interest. Testing is administered by Dr. Jared Schultz, Director, Rehabilitation Counseling Program, Utah State University. The testing is designed to help students determine a vocational goal by evaluating their interests, values, abilities and social skills. The tests include:

  • Personal interview
  • Career Occupational Preference System
  • Career Orientation Placement and Evaluation Survey
  • Career Ability Placement Survey
  • Test of interpersonal competence for employment

Students learn job interviewing skills and have a practice interview with an employer in the community. The receive a feedback evaluation form to help them assess their strengths and any areas that need improvement.

The Career Connections program also places students in supervised internships based on their testing results and/or preferences. Some of these internships have included opportunities to work in landscaping, graphic design, and music/audio recording. Students can participate in several different internships to help them determine which kinds of careers are most appealing to them.

After each internship, students receive an evaluation from staff and the site supervisor. They also rate themselves on their job performance. Then mentors and students work together on areas they’ve identified as needing improvement.

At the completion of Career Connections, students have a comprehensive resume, a certificate of completion, and reference letters from internship site supervisors. They also have interviewing skills worksheets to help them prepare for future interviews, as well as a copy of the testing to help set a direction for job hunting at home.

Explore our website, or, if you prefer, call an admissions counselor at 801.800.8033 for more information on how Discovery Connections can help your troubled teen.