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Discovery Connections is committed to therapeutic excellence. That commitment is underscored in the way our therapy and residential teams work together to provide a continuation of therapy in daily living activities. Residential life at Discovery Connections becomes an extension of therapy sessions. It is the place students practice healthy relationship skills in a community environment. To facilitate that, residential staff and clinical staff meet weekly to discuss each student’s progress and how their combined efforts are impacting the over-all quality and quantity of treatment.

The Discovery Connections house opened in 2010. It includes kitchen and dining areas, academic center, three dorm-style rooms with adjoining bathrooms, office space and two great rooms. The grounds include a sport court, garden, and a grassy playing field. Students are responsible for cleaning, maintaining and developing the grounds and facilities. They learn to cook their own meals and earn their food handler permits.

The physical layout of Discover Connections gives students easy access to mentors, teachers, and therapists in a manner that develops trust and togetherness.

Explore our website, or, if you prefer, call an admissions counselor at 801.800.8033 for more information on how Discovery Connections can help your troubled teen.