Our Program

Discovery Connections offers a unique approach in troubled teen therapy. We deliberately limit the size of our program to just 12 students to cater to troubled boys who do not respond to therapy in larger programs. Community is the core of our therapeutic model.

Small and focused, Discovery Connections offers experiential and traditional therapy in a relationship-based environment.  Our distinctive milieu and individualized approach makes each boy’s treatment immediate, detailed, and individualized.

The typical Discovery Connections student is a defiant, but non-violent, treatment-resistant boy. This student has a high risk of acting out but ultimately can feel remorseful and is willing to work toward change. Disruptive in larger clinical environments, these students have poor impulse control. These students can be socially manipulative and need a smaller milieu to aid in the development of more authentic and appropriate behaviors.

Discovery Connections students live and learn in a therapeutic environment that centers on community. Each student sees immediately the impact of his actions on his peers and his community. Mentors use our Governing Principles to direct and help boys to appropriately and positively influence each other.

Therapy takes a three-pronged approach: traditional and experiential therapy, academics, and residential living. All three provide opportunities for students to learn and apply life skills that will help them return to their communities outside Discovery Connections.

Therapy, academics and residential living are each relationship-based with the end goal of helping students who struggle with relationships develop self-esteem and confidence. Our unique Career Connections program is applied in all three areas. It helps troubled teen boys identify their interests and abilities and have opportunities to explore them.

Whether our students are playing soccer, studying history, cleaning their dorm room or learning career skills, the focus is on community, confidence, and character.

Explore our website, or, if you prefer, call an admissions counselor at 801.800.8033 for more information on how Discovery Connections can help your troubled teen.