Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll my child?

We have open enrollment based upon program capacity. We prefer you enroll on a weekday so you can meet the therapist, staff, and administrators that you will be working with but we enroll students any day of the week.

How do I know if a residential treatment center is right for my child?

Most parents exhaust themselves trying to monitor, outwit and provide 24-hour structure for their teen. They sacrifice time with other family members, personal time, and job performance trying to help their troubled teen – all without any real success. Many feel guilty they are unable to change their child’s behavior. Some feel angry that after 24/7 effort the only result is fatigue and frustration. Our admissions expert can help you determine the best treatment option for your child. As you explain the steps you’ve taken, i.e. in and/or outpatient treatment, she can help you get a new perspective. If your child is refusing outpatient, or able to manipulate outpatient therapists, that is usually a good indicator you need residential professionals.

What is the average length of stay?

The length of stay varies for each student, depending on their therapeutic progress. On average, students stay six to 18 months.

How often do students go off Campus?

We want our students to feel part of the community at large so we make it a point to get off campus as often as possible. Since Discovery Connections is located in the heart of recreational and educational centers, our students enjoy everything from going to playing at city parks, attending holiday parades, performing level advancement community service projects, camping, mountain biking, trail rides, etc. We have scheduled level incentive activities and academic experiential field trips. As a general rule, the higher the student’s level, the more often they go off campus.

How do visits, calls home and home visits work?

Visits are coordinated through the student’s therapist and happen as parents can arrange them You will talk to your child at least once a week at the family therapy sessions.

What about involving brothers and sisters in the family therapy session or visits?

We welcome families, and the therapist will help to guide that important family process as the timing is right.

Is the Discovery Connections’ academics program accredited?

Yes. Our academic program is administered by our sister program, Discovery Academy. The Academy is accredited by the AdvancED (Formerly Northwest Accreditation Commission).

Can you help my child prepare for college?

Yes. Students can earn a regular high school diploma while attending Discovery Connections. This diploma is issued through Discovery Academy, our sister program. Students who qualify may also be able to participate in concurrent enrollment on-line college courses.

I’m not sure college is right for my child. What other educational offerings can you provide?

Discovery Connections can help your student prepare for and successfully pass the GED exam and earn a high-school equivalency certificate. However, many families find their child’s academic abilities and interests improve significantly while attending Discovery Connections. The combination of effective therapy and tailored academics often results in new-found abilities and confidence in post high-school learning. Your student’s therapist and educational advisor can provide you with information to help you make the best decisions on your child’s next academic step, whether that is vocational or career development or secondary learning opportunities.

Why can’t my student attend Discovery Academy?

Discovery Connections is specifically designed for students who will make better therapeutic progress in a very small milieu. Discovery Academy’s student body is much larger and focuses on a different therapy dynamic.

Explore our website, or, if you prefer, call an admissions counselor at 801.800.8033 for more information on how Discovery Connections can help your troubled teen.